Maintenance Technician B

Company Name:
AtWork Personnel Services
Industrial Maintenance Tech B
Hourly maintenance positions in a factory die cast department setting located in Statesboro, Georgia, which is fifty miles west of Savannah, Georgia. The wage range would be $14-19 hourly depending on experience and skill level. Candidates will be tested on WorkKeys testing system.
Essential job functions:
-Perform all duties associated with the set-up of a variety of production equipment
-Responsible for statistical process control (SPC) charting interpretation and trend-analysis. Performs process/equipment adjustments to bring parts into specifications.
-Coordinate line changeovers according to production schedule. Responsible for verifying parts meet print specifications. Coordinates direct labor staffing on the line according to requirements, and assign operators to best utilize labor and achieve proper line balancing.
-Perform machine shop fab and repairs as needed
-Perform troubleshooting on and repairs to a variety of production equipment, including electrical, plumbing, machine repair, hydraulics, etc. Perform a moderate level of root cause analysis.
-Job duties may include operating, maintaining, troubleshooting and repairing the furnace and related equipment in the die cast department
-Assist other Techs in more complex and involved work
-Instruct, train and communicate requirements for operations, production, safety, and quality as needed
-It is essential the employee reports to work on time on scheduled work days, maintain a good work attendance record, and work scheduled mandatory overtime hours
-Any and all maintenance related duties as assigned by supervisor
Physical requirements: May be required to lift or carry small engines, parts, and/or other materials of various sizes and weights. The ability to perform occasional to frequent bending and reaching, and the ability to stand and or walk constantly for the duration of a work shift is required.
These are the skills a qualified candidate would be asked about:
Mechanical skills
Diagnose faults and plan a course of action
Replace and repair gears, drums, rods, seals, pistons, valves, cylindersrepair gas, diesel, or alternative fuel vehicles.experience in engine repair of equipment such as backhoes, tractors, excavators
Electrical skills
Electrical wiring equipment, troubleshooting, use voltmeters, read wiring schematics, familiar w AC/DC, understand electrical systems like switchgear and circuit types, diagnose basic faults and recognize their associated symptoms
Hydraulic skills
Build hoses, pump repair, replace hydraulic components such as valves, cylinders, motors and pumps, trace a hydraulic circuit, set pressure on a pressure compensated pump, basic hydraulic system operation, hydraulic lube principles, proper PM for hydraulics, change hydraulic filters and other system components, perform PM on a hydraulic system, change a hydraulic hose, fitting or tubing
Can you read blueprints and use gauges?
Micrometers, calipers, depth gauges, feeler gauges, can you read blueprints to determine tolerances/specifications?
Can you troubleshoot? What process do you use?
KISS principle (keep it simple stupid), process of elimination, recreating the problem in order to solve it
-any experience in fab, PLCs, robots?
Direct contact:
Clint Rushing
Branch Manager
AtWork Personnel Services
Statesboro, GA

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